Thursday, August 20, 2009

Awesome tools for your site

Today I will introduce with you about a great marketplace - Envato. It is a collection of 5 different websites - FlashDen, AudioJungle, ThemeForest, VideoHive, GraphicRiver. Each of these websites contains a large collection of professional & awesome tools.

The exciting thing about the marketplace is, you can get these tools by an unbelievable low price. Can you imagine a graphics/logo at $1 or a beautiful website template by only $5!!! It is really a brilliant idea and for me, it is a time saving opportunity. I am a programmer and I have no time to design a website template for my client. Even for a small budget project I can afford this $5 for buying a website template.

Here are short descriptions of these websites -

Layered Photoshop, Vectors, Icons and Add-ons

Theme Forest
Site Templates and Themes

Flash Componenets

After Effects Projects and Loops

Music Loops & Sound Effects

Share your experience about these marketplaces. I am excited read your feedbacks.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Street Gamers Network

Last 6 months I was so busy with my website development team, I did not able to write a single article in my blogs. During this period we developed lots of websites for my various clients. But for the first time we are developing a website for our own business.

Let me introduce, Street Gamers Network. It is a flash gaming site of almost 5000 games. We did not developed all those games. provides us these quality games.

Right now we are in Beta phase of this site. You can play any games anytime without any cost. We are planning to introduct more features very soon to make this site as a true network of online gamers. We will also change site template & design a cool logo to make this site more attractive.

Here you to: www.StreetGamers.Net

Let me know your suggestions to improve this site.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Freelance Fest - Forum For Freelancers

Few days ago we have setup a new forum for all kind of online freelancers - Freelance Fest. Join the forum now and build up your community with world wide freelancers.

Site address:

Before start, let's have a look into freelancer, freelancing & freelance marketplace. According to wikipedia,
A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

Fields where freelancing is especially common include journalism and other forms of writing, copywriting, computer programming and graphic design, consulting, and many other professional and creative services.

Freelance marketplaces (or outsourcing marketplaces) are websites that match buyers and sellers of internet-provided services. Buyers and sellers of these services each setup profiles on the marketplace website. Seller profiles provide a description of the range of services offered, sample materials, rates, and details about the provider. Buyer profiles include descriptions and specifications of the work sought. Buyers and sellers are able to rate each other and provide positive and negative references/feedback.
How to start:
At first browse different freelance marketplaces and try to understand their system, rules and project types. Then choose 2 or 3 sites and place your bids. Once you win a project, continue with that freelancing site and focus on improving your ranking and rating on that site.

Freelance marketplaces or sites are almost similar to each other. But everyone has their own features. In my experience, once you will feel comfort in a freelancing site and will get good amount of projects then you will not able to get projects from different freelancing site. So at the very beginning of your freelancing career browse as many sites as you can and then focus on one site.

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